Printing & Papers

Fine Art Printing

Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) fine art prints are extremely high quality, archival grade digital prints that use an ultra fine inkjet printing process to produce a superb quality with exceptional vibrancy and detail that literally lasts well over a lifetime. Giclée printing is widely regarded as one of the very best photographic fine art printing methods used by artists and photographers exhibiting their images in galleries and museums around the world.

The word Giclée comes from the French verb "le gicleur" or more specifically "gicler" meaning to squirt or spray. The process involves archival UV–resistant pigment inks being squirted as microscopic dots onto fine art photographic archival paper or canvas.

The photographic paper used for each fine art print has been selected from test prints using the range of papers listed below. The chosen paper for each image is based on what best reflects the visual qualities of the photograph in relation to colour, saturation, vibrance, hue, contrast, texture, tones, detail and of course the environment in which it was captured.

Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss (310gsm) ~ With a gentle warm tone and sheen, this traditional fibre-based paper is reminiscent of papers produced for the darkroom. A throwback to a bygone era, it is ideal for high quality black & white printing while offering an exceptional wide gamut for colour.

Museo Portfolio Rag (300gsm) ~ An elegant smooth 100% matte cotton rag fine art paper which has a luxury feel that produces a world-class image quality. It provides an exceptional tonal range that has a natural creamy white hue with vibrant colours and rich blacks.

Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag (310gsm) ~ A super smooth 100% matte cotton rag paper with no optical brighteners that provides longevity, image stability and a surface required for the very best in fine art printing. It provides crisp detail with a natural bright white hue.

Canson PrintMaKing Rag (310gsm) ~ A beautiful textured rag paper that has a unique pure white tone obtained without the use of optical brighteners. Prints have a prestigious aura with an incomparable fine silky touch.